Prophylactic Oral Dam


Prophylactic Oral Latex Dam is a thin sheet of natural latex, non sterile designed to give hygienic protection during oral vaginal sex and oral anal sex in preventing the exchange of bodily fluids, thus acting as a Prophylactic - preventing transmission of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Because HIV and STIs have been found to exist in the vaginal fluids and menstrual blood of infected women, it is recommended that a latex barrier be used between the mouth and the vaginal area when  cunnilingus (oral-genital contact) and also performing anilingus (oral-anal contact or rimming).


Oral Dam

Product Specification


: Non Sterile, Natural rubber latex oral dam for single use only
: Natural rubber latex
 Scent : Non-scented or Scented (Banana, Vanilla, Grape, Strawberry, Chocolate, Mint, etc)
 Dimension : 10” x 6” (254mm x 153mm)
 Thickness : 0.07mm +/- 0.02mm
 Colours  : Natural latex colour, pink, blue, green, purple, etc

  (Available in other colours: subject to MOQ)


1’s sealed aluminium foil sachet with adhesive bag and sleeve, 30/100 pieces per polybag/ box
1’s fold sachet with adhesive bag and sleeve, 30/100 pieces per display box.