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Who Are We?

NRS Global Partners Sdn Bhd was incorporated under the Companies Act 1965 on 23rd December 2003.
NRS Global Partners Sdn Bhd is synonymous as being a provider of wellbeing products with global reach. We bring to market our vast experiences in the manufacturing and marketing of Latex Dipped Products. Male Latex Condom, Personal Lubricant, Prophylactic Oral Dam, Transducer Probe Covers, Dental Dams, Resistance / Exercise Bands.
NRS Global Partners Sdn Bhd has now moved a notch up the supply chain. NRS Global Partners Sdn Bhd is now a Certified Legal Manufacturer meeting ISO 13485 (QRCMS) Quality & Regulatory Compliance Management System requirements.
We strive to continuously develop and deliver innovative products to position ourselves and our customers ahead of competition.


Our Vision

Delivering Quality, Consistency, Value and Safety Assurance”
No customer or order is too small for us to fulfil. We create advantages so that our partners have more products to offer to the consumers.
New programs & new start-ups need time to understand the market needs, consumer preferences and that is the reason why NRS Global Partners Sdn Bhd supports small order quantities.
In addition, we provide on-site training for new customers and new team members on “Condom Manufacturing Processes” to arm them with in depth product knowledge to enable a better understanding for future communication, order processing and marketing expansion activities.
Our R&D continues to develop more variants for the future.


Our Objectives

We aim to satisfy customer demands on quality, product line and delivery. To achieve this, we focus on the 5 P’s Strategies:

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