Dental Dam


Latex Dental Dam is made from natural rubber latex, non-sterile and is used as barrier during endodontic and other restorative procedures. It is a single use, disposable device consisting of a thin square piece of latex (rubber) sheet used by covering the patient's mouth with a hole to be punctured at the appropriate place to isolate a tooth during a dental procedure, it acts to prevent cross contamination and as a hygienic protective barrier from patient's oral spittle and blood and prevents loose part of the dental surgical instruments from slipping into the patient's oral cavity.

tile dental dam

Product Specification

Description: Non sterile natural rubber latex dental dam for professional single use only

 Material : Natural rubber latex
 Scent : Non-scented or Mint Scented
 Dimension :

5” x 5” (127mm x 127mm ± 2mm)

6” x 6” (152.4mm x 152.4mm ± 2mm)

 Thickness :

Thin ( 0.14mm ± 0.02mm)

Medium (0.18mm ± 0.02mm)

Heavy (0.22mm ± 0.02mm)

 Colours : Blue / Green


5" x 5" : 52 pieces per box, 40 boxes per case
6" x 6" : 36 pieces per box, 40 boxes per case